Our Residency Program

Our residency program is dedicated to providing studio space, mentorship, and support for emerging artists.

As the cornerstone of the Sunset Art Studios social practice framework, we encourage collaborative processes, participatory making, and group experiences with the public that are guided by each resident’s area of focus. This program is ideal for early-career artists who lack studio space and look for a network of social support and professional development.

The job of an artist should be to make art, and by removing one of the largest burdens from individual artists—namely the cost of space and materials— we are able to provide a brief time for artists to focus solely on the most important things. When we can focus on the quality of our ideas, connect with a community in a supportive environment, and meet our ambition instead of stifling it, we bring change, equity, and meaningful art.

Images from Kiara Walls

Featured Resident

Danielle Demetria East

social practice, fibers, sculpture, installation

Her practice as a resident culminates in “Melanated Magic” is a solo exhibition of work by Danielle Demetria East. East explores the complexities of Black women through hair politics, traditional modes of healing, and the ideology of the Black Girl Magic movement.

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