Anna Guillory

painting, illustration, assemblage, writing

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My process is drawn largely from an effort to protect and highlight that part of life that reminds us we are always in a constant state of growth, as individuals, and collectively. Often using the natural world as a metaphor towards the human condition, current social climates, and as an offering of overlooked aesthetics and happenings arranged in a new way, my work asks questions of systems, patterns, and orders of the world in an attempt to understand ourselves better, and be reminded of parts of life we all encounter collectively.

An underlying element to the production of the work, is that it would take into consideration access to materials, often using natural and recycled aesthetics and forms, as another way of asking "what can our current state of being and circumstances offer, instead of take away?".

I primarily work in painting and illustration, but more recently am interested in exploring and focusing efforts towards social practice and performance.